Houston Jones Act Attorney

Those who work on the waterways of the United States often encounter hazardous situations. If a maritime worker is injured, they should be entitled to recover compensation for their losses. However, compensation for these injuries is typically made through various maritime laws, and not under traditional workers’ compensation laws. If you or a loved one are injured while working on a maritime vessel, let Padilla & Rodriguez, LLP get to work on your case. Our Houston Jones Act attorneys will investigate your claim and work to secure the compensation you need.

Why Padilla & Rodriguez, LLP Is Right For This Case

After sustaining an injury while working on a maritime vessel, you need an attorney who understands the specific laws related to these cases. Let Padilla & Rodriguez, LLP get to work today.

  • We have more than three decades of experience handling all types of personal injury cases, and we have specific knowledge related to maritime injury laws.
  • We have a reputation for success and have secured millions in compensation for our clients, winning favorable verdicts or settlements for them.
  • We handle Jones Act cases on a contingency fee basis, which means our clients do not pay any legal fees until after we secure the compensation they need.

What Will An Attorney Do In A Jones Act Case?

Jones Act cases are going to require assistance from a skilled attorney who has a thorough understanding of maritime law. A Houston Jones Act lawyer will be able to obtain all evidence necessary to prove negligence on the part of the vessel owner or another employee. This includes gathering statements from eyewitnesses, video or photo surveillance, company records, and more.

When Does The Jones Act Apply?

The Jones Act was passed as part of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 and provides protection to those who work on maritime vessels. To be eligible for coverage under the Jones Act, a worker must be considered a “seaman,” which is generally defined as anybody employed on a maritime vessel in navigable US waterways. Any injury that occurs as a result of the negligence of a vessel owner or operator or another employee is eligible for compensation so long as the injury occurred while the worker was operating in the scope of their duties.

Those who work on maritime vessels and offshore drilling platforms regularly encounter dangerous situations. Some of the most common causes of maritime injuries include:

  • Lack of proper safety training or equipment for a seaman
  • Failure to perform regular inspection or maintenance on equipment
  • Failure to repair any damaged equipment or parts
  • Failure to properly warn workers of hazardous situations or areas on the vessel
  • Failure to ensure there are no-skid surface is on the vessel decks
  • Failure to provide a seaworthy vessel

What Kind Of Compensation Is Available Through The Jones Act?

The compensation available under the Jones Act will look similar to, but differ slightly, from compensation available through the traditional workers’ comp system. At Padilla & Rodriguez, LLP, we regularly help clients who have sustained maritime injuries secure the following:

  • Coverage of medical expenses related to the injuries
  • Lost wages and benefits if the victim is unable to work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages

Get Skilled Legal Counsel For Your Jones Act Claim

If we discover that the injuries were the result of the gross negligence or intentional actions of another person, we will also seek possible punitive damages against that party. When you need a Houston Jones Act attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling (713) 574-4600.