Houston Suffocation Injury Attorney

Anoxic brain injury and suffocation death personal injury attorney

Suffocation causes oxygen deprivation and can lead to anoxic brain injury and death.

Engulfment and positional/crush suffocation

Suffocation can occur because of engulfment such as in grain elevators, sandpits or trench collapses. Mal-positioning of the body such as with “hog-tying” or in structure and other collapses can also cause suffocation.

Oxygen deficient environment and confined spaces

Suffocation can also occur because of an oxygen-deficient environment. For example, tanks are often shipped with “nitrogen blankets,” nitrogen-rich environments purged of oxygen in order to prevent oxidation inside the tank — entry into a tank without an oxygen mask can be deadly. A hole watch and means of extraction is essential, as brain injury and death can be rapid. A deficient oxygen environment can cause rapid unconsciousness making escape impossible.

Confined space entry permits require very precise precautions before entering confined spaces that are oxygen-deficient or contain other vapors or hazardous air conditions.

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