Houston Workplace Hazard Lawyer

In Texas, an employer has a duty to maintain a safe workplace, including providing proper training, proper equipment, proper supervision, proper policies and procedures, and competent co-workers.  Workplace hazards can result in a variety of injuries, including,  for example, crush injuries, fall injuries, burns (grease burns, chemical burns, and flash fire burns), orthopedic injuries/broken bones, amputations, de-gloving injuries, paralysis, and death.  Common safety problems in the workplace are failing to properly guard machines, unguarded pinch points, using heavy equipment and cranes without flagmen and spotters and tag-lines, improper stacking of inventory and merchandise, having uncertified forklift drivers, poor housekeeping with tripping hazards, failure to guard against cave-ins when trenching or digging, uncovered floor holes, fixed ladders without nonskid rungs, fixed ladders without safety cages, dangerous equipment, fire hazards like halogen lights in the vicinity of fumes and vapors, dangerous fumes, non-explosive proof lights,  and improper fall protection.

Even if you are receiving workers’ compensation payments for your injuries, and you have been told you are barred by the “workers’ comp bar,” you may still have a claim against a third party for creating or failing to remedy the hazard, such as a general contractor or contractor, product manufacturer or safety consultant.

Even if you have signed a pre-injury waiver, it may not be enforceable.

More information about workplace regulations and hazards can be found at www.osha.gov and www.cdc.gov/NIOSH/.

Information on a particular company’s OSHA safety violations can be found at www.osha.gov/oshstats/.

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